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Don’t worry a bit! Have another idea? We’ll Make it fit!

Our professional staff is happy to make any of the items homemade from our menu or by request. Our commercial kitchen yields endless possibilities in order to create the perfect meal, appetizers, or beverages to create an unforgettable event. Green eggs and ham isn’t out of our realm. Check out our menus below!

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See what our clients are saying:

We are very excited to share our Valentine experience that we had at the Westside Learning and Event Center Valentine’s dinner.  We normally stay home for Valentine’s but since we have enjoyed so many experiences with the Wine/Beer Tastings and First Friday’s we decided to try our dinner out. 

We were greeted and given our name cards for the table we chose and a rose for the ladies.  You could pick your romantic table to sit at.  We had red linens, music and wonderful food and wines to enjoy throughout our dinner.  Not to forget the wonderful service.   We were fortune enough to be by the fireplace which was very romantic. 

There was a select amount of tables, that made it possible to enjoy your Valentine’s company. 

We were served a wonderful 4 course meal, each a treat to eat.  We chose Prime Rib which was mouthwatering.  They brought different wines and Asti’s – it was simply elegant.

If you have been to First Fridays and/or any events, you know the wonderful food and service you will receive.  If you have not, please join a wonderful family of friends for a fun filled nite with the one on one attention.

-Patrick and Karen Virnig  

If you want a new place to end the week and start the weekend, First Friday is the place to be at the Learning Center. I was introduced to First Friday a year and a half ago and continue to have a fun time, lots of laughter, meeting new people, and hanging out with old friends. The team there is very creative with the food themes, live music, and bartenders and staff are exceptional with their customer service, and personal touch! Until next month….Lori McGuire


-Lori McGuire